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The Stadsranden lab magazine

The Stadsranden lab magazine

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The urban fringes lab is an initiative of Arcam and BNA Research, which started looking for new typologies for the urban fringes in the first half of 2020, with Amsterdam serving as a test case.

We present the results of this work process in this magazine, compiled for everyone who has a warm heart for the urban fringe. We hope to inspire not only the professionals who work in the urban fringes, but also the residents of the city, for whom it is so important that the surrounding landscape remains accessible and can be experienced.

The five visions of the design teams form the core of the publication. These have been supplemented with a timeline of the process, an introduction to the urban fringe by four designing and developing racing cyclists and the chronicles of the Grensverkenningen lecture series.

Essays by photographer Theo Baart, Rosa Stapel (Board of Government Advisors) and Like Bijlsma (Planning Office for the Living Environment) and Merten Nefs (Association Deltametropool) place Het Stadsranden lab in context.

You can also read guest contributions from our academic knowledge partners. Four students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and five students from the Hogeschool Utrecht graduated on the outskirts of the city, and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture dedicated a studio to it.

Finally, we asked five experts involved in the process to draw personal conclusions and make recommendations.

Year of publication: 2021
120 pages, full color
ISBN 9 789083057125

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