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Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg

Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg

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In this Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg more than 100 creative minds with a relationship to Luxembourg map the country according to a subject close to them – whether through maps, infographics, photo series or other cartographic explorations. Their compiled subjective points of view and dots on the map are a snapshot of people allowing different influences to come together to create a pluralistic identity. That identity resembles a kaleidoscope in which particles of colour and shape are constantly shifting. The complexity of this little nation, which is a unique melting pot of ideas, attitudes and cultural inputs, deserves a detailed, profound, critical and genuine analysis.

This atlas won’t tell you to find your way, but you will encounter views from within, insider perspectives, from which you can draw your own conclusions. The multitude of visual voices in this atlas present other realities that help to make us understand the specificity and sensitivity of Luxembourg society. It challenges to develop new languages to speak about who we are and how we can relate.

Year of publication: 2019
Language: English

Editor in chief: Annelys Devet
Research and editing: Véronique Kesseler, Lucie Majerus, Giacomo Piovan
Graphic design: Alix Bouteleux, Annelys Devet in collaboration with all the contributors

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